Monday, July 13, 2015

Nothing & Everything, all at once

Hey there, didn't see you there, what's up?
oh, just enjoying the rain.....(am I supposed to say more? What up is what??) Yea maybe a tornados comin, yo you got any zannie bars?
Oh yea (thinks to himself "fiercely tank shaped clouds and shower out tonight")
(We live in Salt Lake City its a valley we ain't had a tornado for over a hundred years.)
( zanies are pointless to me so I share a lot)
I been aight just working..
There's this chick theresa I want you to meet (oh no Theresa is a hallucination in my head and sometimes I don't know what I'm saying aloud or why I'm saying it but I can't control it sometimes nor can I . and so begins the yelling it began as "13 cups of vodka" in a young boys voice..years later who cares and not only couldn't I silence this by self medicating, these days I fear the prescriptions will lose their ....and they all yell, all at once, but you see, they have been yelling for years now, and to ignore, well, we all know what it may feel like to be ignored. To be controlled, and to be silenced...this is secret...I have never once in my lifetime
yea sounds good hey Im gonna go later dude
Each human life form being 80% water, I mean what's there to fear? Drout. Nothing to drink. I have seen some survive on much less.
They shed themselves by being seen, by being the unexpected appealing pie and are possibly and literally their words. You are a "dude" dude. Rubbish why couldn't I think of something to say? all I want to do is bring peace and hope to a dying breed. Our
and then a young child howling at the moon. It is 6:04 pm in the beginning of June. Wednesday, August 5th, to be precise. I waited outside this morning, and there was the moon, showing the top half of itself in broad day light, it was from 9am to 10am I saw ....our pollution is destroying our own moon. Twist my arm pinch my fat tell me that you want no you need that and that and that
Funny how some interruptions.. How many molecules do the chemicals destroy? Countless, you are on your way out, how much waste recycled does it satisfy your visual OBSESsIoN shallowness that is essential particular purpose of boring traumatic production
Now I see the glory of genuine
Now I see the horizon
The journey begins and I am
Willing to walk, you can give up,as long as your feet keep moving.

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