Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Feeling for my fellows for we have lost thee, His last genuine the lamb of the lord in heaven.  Your ghost tells secrets to this witch, selfish, I still need your solemn, curled up body on the couch.  Our sweet Aquarius bond broken by a misunderstanding, a promise injured, forgotten, burst, and crippled. Oh my prayers for you, my dear brother,I am too sorry, you meant mangled meaning breaking free because I found clarity in your understanding me.  Now let empathy be and a perceptive nature nurture animals all around me.  Saturn spins and spills still, exalted and fired up love-loss-kindness.  Let summer sway our bodies sleeping beneath the rising sun, again, she rises, scattering radiant HOPE all over Earth, showing our glowing, simple paths.  Sail alone in this ship you built, alone, your setting soul shipwrecked, how unsettled, how could we find you when you went so far?  How could we let you die?  We fall all over your memory like roses floating through the air to land on your lowered casket, my true, older love in my little life, gone.

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