Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mind Control

The witches are infesting my dreams
Who knows for how long now
The incest of a fake family
Like that line in the snow
Like ditches under my bare feet
I'm too lucid for you to take
You are murdering my abilities 
To make a constant facade outa me
Steal that fat cat fast cash right out from under me
And my own little scathing knee caps 
We hear secret schemes of these
" make more monsters family function God, fucking, death "
Once you're in it
...these memories they may haunt me
Once you are IN- in world, body, and life
There is no going back!
Retracing steps stumble out of whack
And it feels like there is no end
Does time without memory really exist? 
Desired dementia I slept as a defense mechanism
To keep all away from my lunatic way
As a car crept by outside, dropping to the cold wet black pavement
A loud clink
I stumble sleep walk away
As I think to hide to think
This undetectable mind control genocide 
Swarming around like invisible bees
Getting us down to the dirt on our knees 
Sweating for help with dust in our eyes
Weeping for death and never believing in our own beautiful lives.

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